The Healthy Development- In search of future educational institution

Nov 15, 2018


Kartepe, Kocaeli, Turkey



Development as a non-linear, complex and unpredictable process is also based on the educational process. So, it can be said also, because of education the today world is characterized by poverty, social inequalities, pollution, climate problems, s.o. In other words, education has not fully attained the ultimate goal, namely the fulfillment of the human being, but gave rise to opposite human behavior. In this regard, we propose through our paper a model of a new educational institution based on the health of the entire living system paradigm. For this, the first step is the evaluation of the educational organization according to an aggregate indicator called AIUH (Aggregate Index of University Health), built on health of the entire living system paradigm. We believe that the future construction of the educational organization, no matter what it is called, school, high school or university, is a way for a better world. In this sens, we had measure the health of two Economic Departments of Kocaeli University Turkey and Spiru Haret University Romania.

  • Stanciu Vasile Miltiade
    Stanciu Vasile Miltiade


    Spiru Haret University


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