Role of Discussant

Every presenters/participants has to discuss a paper during the conference.  After main paper is presented, the discussant copies her/his presentation on the computer and makes her/his comments on main paper.

As a discussant, you have 5 minutes to present your feedback. Your presentation may include formation as stated below:

  1. Provide some information about perspective and insight of the main paper to audience.
  2. Brief summary of the main paper.
  3. Critiques of the main paper if there is a lack of academic background or literature.
  4. Make your contribution to help presenter better paper for the future publication.
  5. Shares your ideas how to improve this paper.

Please be aware that making contribution or giving to feedback is almost impossible without reading the whole paper. Please allow time to yourself in order to read the main paper. In addition to this, please do not forget that audience may not read the main paper. They may have knowledge from presentation. If you need some point in the main paper, please make your explanations more clear and carry more information.

Attention: While making your critiques, please do not use abuse, libelous, obscene, etc words or sentences. You are criticizing a human, your language should be constructive, naïve and not offending.

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