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Kocaeli is located at the easternmost end of the Marmara Sea around the Gulf of İzmit. Kocaeli is bordered by the province of Istanbul and the Marmara Sea to the west, the Black Sea to the north, the province of Sakarya to the east, the province of Bursa to the south and the province of Yalova to the southwest. The province is called the industrial capital of Turkey. Kocaeli has an airport named Cengiz Topel Naval Air Station which is used for military and civilian transport. Kocaeli has two universities: Kocaeli University and Gebze Technical University.

Things to do in Kocaeli


Archaeology and Ethnography Museum
Kaiser Wilhelm Manor
İzmit Clock Tower
Yarhisar Ship Museum
Osman Hamdi Bey Museum

Natural Beauties

Darıca Bird Sanctuary
Beşkayalar Nature Park
Honey Rocks Valley
Summer Spa
Başdeğirmen Recreation Area

Historical Structures

Valide Sultan Bridge
Süleyman Pasha Bathhouse
Mehmet Bey Mosque
Father Sultan’s Shrine
Palace Museum

Eat, Shopping and Entertainment

Must Eat

Fairy Floss
Palace Helva
Kandıra Yoghurt


Karamürsel Baskets
Hereke Carpets
Kandıra Sheets


Culture and Entertainment Fair
Outlet Center Shopping Center
41 Burda Shopping Center


It is a transition between the Mediterranean climate and the Black Sea climate. The summers are hot, low-rainy; the winters are rainy, usually warm.


Every hour of the day in every region of the city can be reached by intra-city transportation.


The city has many shopping centers in its borders. İzmit is a city famous with Floss and Simit.

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