Syrian Refugees in Turkey. Implication for the National Security and Economy

Nov 14, 2019


Saloon 1

60 min.


Turkey currently faces many challenges, one of the most serious of which is a crisis of migration. This country has become a place of political asylum for more than two million Syrian refugees who escaped from the civil war in their country. The migration crisis led to a revitalization of the relationship between Turkey and the EU, and ultimately to the signing of the refugee deal, 2013, with its supposed solutions to the migration crisis. This new approach will be illustrated in comparison to Turkey’s relationship with the EU prior to the 2013 crisis. Despite a significant increase in Ankara’s public diplomacy activities in the EU, these efforts have not led to any long term results. The deal did not provide solutions to the migration crisis in Europe, or to the acceleration of the process of Turkey’s integration with the EU.

  • Karol Kujawa
    Karol Kujawa

    WSB University

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