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Euroepan Congress on Economic Issues is the leading academic/scientific interdisciplinary platform for presentation of new and advanced research results in the fields of the Economics. The congress brings together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars to exchange & share their experience, knowledge on all aspects of Economics from all around the world. Congresses are hosted in partnership with local host committees.


European Congress on Economic Issues creates the value chain network to improve economics discipline and provide effective solutions for sustainability in a global economy.


Our vision for European Congress on Economic Issues is to become a premier global platform and to create a meaning for its participation by facilitating links of communication and information sharing throught out world professionals.

A Brief History

First ECOEI was organized under the theme “European Congress on Economic Issues: Unregistered “Youth” Employment: Impacts, Policies, Remedies, and Local Practices” was held from 30 March to 1 April 2017 in İzmit/Kocaeli.
The ECOEI 2017 was organized as part of the European Union Project, carried out under the Grant Scheme for Promoting Registered Employment Program. The Project was being implemented jointly by the European Union, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Turkey and University of Kocaeli.
The conference comprised of many different sessions, during which researchers from around the world presented their research findings. They were: Youth Employment, Immigration and Labor, Shadow Economy, Economic Growth and Finance, Taxation and Finance, Labor Market, Empirical Models, Labor Economics, International Trade, Welfare Economics, Finance, Growth and Employment, Human Capital and Industrilization, Social Capital and Environment, Income Inequlality, Economic History, Tax, Macroeconomics, Immigration Economics, Energy Economics, Health, Environment and Finance in Economics.
First ECOEI provided a solid platform for over 290 researchers from 30 countries to share their research findings with one another and to discuss the policy implications. The conference provided a refreshing experience for all, especially for the young researchers who had the opportunity to share their research findings on an international platform.
Second ECOEI was organized by Kocaeli University, with the collaboration of the University of Girne American University, WSB University, Utena University of Applied Sciences, Rauf Denktas University as Academic Partners and Mayor of Kartepe Municipality as Cooperation Partner. The conference was held on the 16th November and 18th of November in 2017 at the Kocaeli University in Kocaeli, Turkey.
Second ECOEI focused on the question of “New Trends in Economics”, narrowed down to Energy and Environment, Migration, Health, Agriculture, Islamic Economics, Shadow Economy, Information Economics, Construction and Tourism. The main purpose of this conference was to discuss these issues from different economic perspectives with the participation of academics, professionals, specialists, practitioners from the field and NGOs as well as bureaucrats dealing with unregistered employment. Second ECOEI provided a prominent platform for over 180 researchers from 18 countries to share their research findings and to provide effective solutions for new challenge.


The Congress is governed by Exclusive Committee with representatives from the leading research universities and major national/international economics organizations. Other prominent economists from business trade unions and municipalities. ECOEI are held twice in a year. The Congress office is in Kocaeli, Turkey.

Why to Attend?

1-) Network with professionals in economics and related fields.
2-) Contribute to driving and directing the fast growing field of global economy.
3-) Present and discuss your researches.
4-) Assess and understand new challenges with different disciplines.
5-) Provide a new solutions for new challenge.

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